QUESTION: How do i stay involved in drama club if I am not in 7th hour?

ANSWER: You can stay involved by attending drama club meetings and coming to any/all troupe bondings. Also get involved in the shows, cast or crew.

QUESTION: How do thespian points work?

ANSWER: The International Thespian Society is a honorary organization for high school and middle school theatre students. Their mission is to honor student achievement in the theatre arts. The thespian point system provides the recommended number of points awarded for a specific assignment. These points help you achieve different ranks within the society.

QUESTION: How do i pay dues/fees?

ANSWER: You can pay all expenses on school cash online. If you have any financial issues please contact ms. Lisa Severin.

QUESTION: How do auditions/callbacks work?

ANSWER: You Fill in an audition packet to turn the day of the audition. If you get called back it will be by your audition number, and everyone else is sent home. During callbacks you will do a cold reading and then send everyone home. The cast list will be up on the websites student page when it is released.

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