BRCHS Theatre Class Descriptions...

Pre-AP Theatre is a beginners class for actors. Here students get to learn the basics of theatre and the art of acting, develop performing skills, and get to take part in fun projects/activities such as scene writing and performing, monologues, and music videos.

Pre-AP Theatre

Advanced Theatre is a higher level class for actors where they get to develop their craft in depth. Here students get to audition and be a part of the One Act, which is a short play piece that we bring to District Competition and in some cases States Competition, write, direct, and act in student crafted one acts, work on monologues, technique, breathing & voice exercises, etc. 

Advanced Theatre

American Musical Theatre (AMT) is one of the best classes offered at Boca High! In this class students work on large group performances, which are taken to both District & State Competition, take part in the Spring Musical​ whether as a performer or technician, etc.

Musical Theatre 

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