The Kathryn Lindgren Theater, an 842-seat proscenium arch facility, has been the home stage of the Boca High Drama Department and Troupe 2564 since it was opened in 2003. 


There are many ways you can be a part of our program's activities, both in and outside of class, that are listed below.

  • Theatre I -  Theatre I is a beginners class for actors. Here students get to learn the basics of theatre and the art of acting, develop performing skills, and get to take part in fun projects/activities such as scene writing and performing, monologues, and music videos.
    • IMPORTANT: If any new coming students have experience in acting and feel as if they would like to override Theatre I and go straight into Advanced Theatre, contact our Director Tia Mapes.
  • Advanced Theatre -  Advanced Theatre is a higher level class for actors where they get to develop their craft more in depth and thoroughly compared to Theatre I. Here students get to audition and be a part of the One Act, which is a short play piece that we bring to District Competition and in some cases States Competition, write, direct, and act in student crafted one acts (which are all featured in Boca High's A Night of Theatre performance at the end of the year), and work on monologues, etc. 
    • IMPORTANT: Only Advanced Theatre students may be involved in acting and teching the One Act that's taken to District and State Competition.
  • American Musical Theatre -  American Musical Theatre (AMT) is one of the best classes offered at Boca High! In this class students work on large group performances, which are taken to both District Competition and State Competition, take part in the Spring Musical (whether your passion is singing and dancing on stage or working on lights, sound, costumes, and makeup backstage), and our famous mock Broadway Auditions. 
    • IMPORTANT: Only students enrolled in the American Musical Theatre class can act in the musical. ***If a student that's not enrolled in the class wishes to be a part of the production, however, they may audition for a tech position. This is a 7th hour class. 

  • The Drama Club -  The Drama Club meets weekly on Tuesdays in Ms. Mapes classroom (room 2-123) during lunch. Drama Club Members get to play theatre games, bond with friends at Drama Club Picnic, get updates and news on upcoming events, and get closer within our 2564 family.
  • The Fall Play -  The fall play takes place practically as soon as school starts up. Anyone in the school, drama club members or not, can audition to act or tech in the production. All actors and techs receive community service hours for being part of the production. Contact our Director Ms. Mapes for more details. 
  • ***The Spring Musical (TECH ONLY) -  Any student in the school can audition to work on the tech team for the spring musical. This includes lighting, sound, props, stage crew, set design and construction, costumes, and makeup. Ushers for the musical are usually picked through a sign-up sheet (no audition needed). All techs that aren't in the class receive community service hours. Talk to our Director Ms. Mapes for further details. 

Thespian Festival 2018
Will be held March 13-17

State Thespian Festival Prices 2018
1st payment - Dec 15th - $150
2nd payment - Jan 26th - $150
3rd payment - Feb 23th - $120
Total cost - $420 

State Thespian Festival 2017
We received 5 superiors, 4 being straight Superiors
Critics choice for Large Group Musical
"Welcome to the Renaissance" from Something Rotten

Annual Competitions:
  • District One Acts is a competition where schools all over District 10 present one act plays to a panel of judges. The schools compete for a rating of Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent, or Superior, and the judges pick two overall "Critics' Choice" shows to compete at State competition later in the year. In our school, normally students from the Advanced Drama class participate in One Acts while other members of our troupe attend.

  • District Individual Events is a competition where students put together a piece to be presented to judges for a rating of Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent, or Superior. The judges pick the best of the day for each event to be a "Critics' Choice", which means that the student or students are then eligible to be the district representative at the State level (where they would perform at Opening Ceremonies in front of thousands!) We are allowed, normally, 6 events in each category at District level. We choose five acting events and three tech events to compete at States later on.

  • The State Thespian Festival is a highlight of each year and represents the pinnacle of theatre competition for our students. Here actors get to perform in front of judges to receive a rating of Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent, or Superior, take part in workshops that further your skills in any desired area (acting, dance, vocals, technical, etc.), and mingle with troupes all across Florida. In order to attend,  students must go to both the District 10 One-Act and Individual Event festivals and participate in at least one of those. Students who compete in these local-level competitions and score well may be eligible to compete at the state level.
    All payments can be made with cash on SchoolCashOnline

flthespian.comThis is one of the most important websites you'll come across being
involved in 2564. Information on all competition (One Acts, IE's and States) It's a good idea to keep this one bookmarked. Click for specific event information and guidelines.

Becoming a member of the Drama Club is a great way to get involved in one of the oldest forms of art there is! We welcome students of all skill levels and interests - from trained actors to wide-eyed newbies. Whatever your level is, the Drama Club will help you grow and become more confident inside and outside the theatre. Membership in the Drama Club allows you to join the team that has produced critically acclaimed performances for years and will continue to do so with your help. You will meet new people, discover new talent inside of yourself, and most of all have a great time doing it. We strongly encourage you to explore our website and visit one of our meetings for even more information- check our schedule page to see when the next one is. 

If you'd like to receive more information about joining Drama Club then attend one of the meetings on Tuesdays at lunch in Ms Mapes room 2-123

Don't forget to sign up for the text system! Text @bocadram to 81010, then text your first AND last name. You should then receive texts from the officers or Ms Mapes, so no more forgetting vital information!

International Thespian Society Membership

Once you become a member of the Drama Club, you are eligible to work towards membership in the International Thespian Society, Troupe #2564. If by the end of the year you have accumulated enough points as explained in the ITS guidelines, you will be formally inducted at our gala Drama Club Banquet. This is a special event open to all Drama Club members and is a great way to close out the school year and theatre season.

    Now I'm sure you've never heard of the term "Rental" before and are questioning what exactly we're talking about? Well, since we are blessed with our gorgeous Kathryn Lindgren Theatre, people want to use it! So, we occasionally let other events or groups rent our theatre for things such as concerts, showcases, award ceremonies, religious gatherings, etc. When we do this, we like to have some students who are familiar with the theatre and whom we can trust to assist with these events as either a technician or an usher!

    I know some of you may be thinking that you shouldn't do it because you'd be confused, have no clue what to do, fear you'd screw something up, etc. Well, the point of rentals is to be a learning experience for new technicians and ushers! There will always be a staff member and/or a seasoned techie/usher there to teach you and assist you with your job. It's a great learning experience as well as a wonderful way to earn community service and even money! 

PLEASE make sure you DEFINITELY can work a rental before signing up for it, dropping out last minute is really not appreciated. Also, make sure you wear the proper attire for working in the theatre.

Must be in all black, preferably long-sleeved shirts and definitely close-toed shoes!

Must be in a clean, white shirt and black pants/skirt. Must follow school dress code and look professional.