Now I'm sure you've never heard of the term "Rental" before and are questioning what exactly we're talking about? Well, since we are blessed with our gorgeous Kathryn Lindgren Theatre, people want to use it! So, we occasionally let other events or groups rent our theatre for things such as concerts, showcases, award ceremonies, religious gatherings, etc. When we do this, we like to have some students who are familiar with the theatre and whom we can trust to assist with these events as either a technician or an usher!

    I know some of you may be thinking that you shouldn't do it because you'd be confused, have no clue what to do, fear you'd screw something up, etc. Well, the point of rentals is to be a learning experience for new technicians and ushers! There will always be a staff member and/or a seasoned techie/usher there to teach you and assist you with your job. It's a great learning experience as well as a wonderful way to earn community service and even money! 

PLEASE make sure you DEFINITELY can work a rental before signing up for it, dropping out last minute is really not appreciated. Also, make sure you wear the proper attire for working in the theatre.

Must be in all black, preferably long-sleeved shirts and definitely close-toed shoes!

Must be in a clean, white shirt and black pants/skirt. Must follow school dress code and look professional.