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Our Drama Department

Our Theater

The Kathryn Lindgren Theater 

The Kathryn Lindgren Theater, an 842-seat proscenium arch facility, has been the home stage of the Boca High Drama Department and Troupe 2564 since it was opened in 2003. 


How to get involved in our program...


  • Theatre I-  Theatre I is a beginners class for actors. Here students get to learn the basics of theatre and the art of acting, develop performing skills, and get to take part in fun projects/activities such as scene writing and performing, monologues, and music videos.
    • IMPORTANT: If any new coming students have experience in acting and feel as if they would like to override Theatre I and go straight into Advanced Theatre, contact our Director Tia Mapes. Contact info found here: Contact Information
  • Advanced Theatre- Advanced Theatre is a higher level class for actors where they get to develop their craft more in depth and throughly compared to Theatre I. Here students get to audition and be a part of the One Act, which is a short play piece that we bring to District Competition and in some cases States Competition, write, direct, and act in student crafted one acts (which are all featured in Boca High's A Night of Theatre performance at the end of the year), and work on monologues, etc. 
    • IMPORTANT: Only Advanced Theatre students may be involved in acting and teching the One Act that's taken to District and State Competition.
  • American Musical Theatre-  American Musical Theatre (AMT) is one of the best classes offered at Boca High! In this class students work on large group performances, which are taken to both District Competition and State Competition, take part in the Spring Musical (whether your passion be singing and dancing on stage or working on lights, sound, costumes, and makeup backstage), and our famous mock Broadway Auditions. 
    • IMPORTANT: Only students enrolled in the American Musical Theatre class can act in the musical. ***If a student that's not enrolled in the class wishes to be a part of the production, however, they may audition for a tech position. This is a 7th hour class. 


  • The Drama Club- The Drama Club meets weekly on Tuesdays in Ms. Mapes classroom (room 2-123) during lunch. Drama Club Members get to play theatre games, bond with friends at Drama Club Picnic, get updates and news on upcoming events, and get closer with our 2564 family.
  • The Fall Play- The fall play takes place practically as soon as school starts up. Anyone in the school, drama club members or not, can audition to act or tech in the production. All actors and techs receive community service hours for being part of the production. Contact our Director Ms. Mapes for more details. 
  • ***The Spring Musical (TECH ONLY)- Any student in the school can audition to work on the tech team for the spring musical. This includes lighting, sound, props, stage crew, set design and construction, costumes, and makeup. Ushers for the musical are usually picked through a sign up sheet (no audition needed). All techs that aren't in the class receive community service hours. Talk to our Director Ms. Mapes for further details. 

Our Director & Officers

Director: Tia Mapes

Ms. Tia Mapes is very excited to lead this amazing troupe of talent. Ms. Mapes spent many years 'pounding the pavement' in New York City and is honored to share those experiences with her students. Her professional credits include: The National, Canadian, and Asian tour of 42nd Street, National tours of Ziegfeld Follies, and A Christmas Carol. Regional credits include Oklahoma, West Side Story, Guys and DollsGrease, Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Brigadoon, The Sound of Music, and a headline singer for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. She also wrote and produced her own show The Andrews Sisters; Third Cousins, Twice Removed performed in numerous Cabaret venues in New York City including Don't Tell Mama.  Ms. Mapes is extremely proud of troupe #2564 for winning Best Musical in South Florida at the South Florida Cappies Gala for their production of Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  What a great first year and it's just gonna keep getting better!

Co-Presidents: Sven Ballarte & Christina Lorenzo 


Sven Ballarte is so excited to spend his senior year as co-president of such an amazing program. He has been apart of Boca Drama since his freshman year and has loved the entire experience. Not only is he a fried chicken advocate, he is also a sleep enthusiast. There are no words to describe how excited he is to see all the new faces join the big family that Troupe 2564 actually is. Sven knows, from the bottom of his heart, that this is going to be an amazing year for us and that we will work hard for it. This program changed his life and opened his eyes to new possibilities and he hopes that happens to the next generation of freshmen. If you ever need to ask any questions or if you need anything at all, don't hesitate to ask him.


Christina (Tina) Lorenzo is a senior and is so thrilled to be your 2016-2017 Co-President! Tina has been a part of troupe 2564 since she transferred to Boca her sophomore year. When she’s not with the troupe (a very rare occasion), Tina spends her time folding origami, making music, drinking milkshakes, and going on adventures. This year, her goal as Co-President is to raise the stakes within our drama club and help the newer members excel so that we can be the best we've ever been! She is also very friendly and dedicated to her work, so if you ever have questions or need help, please ask her! Tina loves 2564 dearly and she can’t wait to welcome new members to drama club!

Vice President: Madeline Greenberg 

Madeline Greenberg is a senior at Boca High and the Vice President of Troupe 2564. She has been performing since she was eight years old, and since then she has been in over 30 productions. It seems as though her love of theater and meeting new people have led her down a path that has included playing a priest, a broadway novice, an eccentric 78-year-old suspected-murderer, a maid, a cloud girl, and a wonderfully strong-minded 89 year old with a cane addiction within just three years of high school. There are so many activities to look forward to this year including the Drama Club Picnic, District, and State Competition. She is in the National Honors Society, Battle of the Books, and is a teacher assistant at her hebrew school. She loves reading, writing, and history, and she loves to help out with any obscure literary references when needed. She is so excited to meet all of the new members of Troupe 2564, and she knows that this year is going to be fantastic. 

Secretary: Julia Fuller

Julia Fuller is our troupe's secretary and is a senior at Boca High. Her main goal is to welcome all the new faces into the troupe and instill in them the joy and laughter she has experienced ever since she joined troupe 2564 her sophomore year. Her hope is that the troupe can be just as vibrant as it always is even after the troupe becomes quite smaller when her senior class graduates. In addition, Julia aims to be open to any question anyone might have, and to help out wherever she can. Outside of theatre, Julia loves to read, draw, work on her photography, learn about biology, to make subtle puns, do yoga and binge-watch her favorite TV shows (anything from Once Upon a Time to Teen Wolf). Julia is so thrilled to be able to support the troupe as an officer this year and she will work her hardest rain or shine, no matter the 2564-cast. 

Treasurer: Valeria Castano

 Val Castano is a senior at Boca High. This will be her 4th year in the best troupe North of the South Pole. She's excited to have the opportunity to help everyone new to our program and make it an ecstatic and positive journey for everyone while sharing our love for the arts. Alongside theatre, she enjoys making videos, writing songs, tanning, laughing at everything, and eating mangos. She wants to make sure our fellow troupe members are welcomed with loving open arms. Drama is a place where people can come in, let go, be themselves, and hopefully forget about all the negativity in their life and she wants to ensure this is the case for every single person in our family.  She looks forward on sharing smiles with each and everyone of you and working hard on making this the best possible year 2564 has ever had! 

Co-Historians: Karlo Buxo & Jordan Maloney 

 Karlo Buxo is a Senior and he is your Co-Historian with Jordan Maloney. Karlo started out without any knowledge of theater but once started Freshman year and joined Drama Club he became so involved. For his first 2, shows he stayed and worked everyday even though it wasn't necessary. Karlo hopes that he can make every new drama club member feel as welcomed as he felt freshman year. Outside of theater he enjoys reading books, hanging out with friends, and going out for a swim. I hope I can make friends with all of you and I look forward to the new year. 

Web Master: Joseph Piccin

 Joseph (Jo) Piccin is a Sophomore at Boca High and incredibly excited to work as the troupe’s Web Master for the 2016-2017 school year. Jo is honored to be the first sophomore officer within the troupe and will dedicate his heart to the members of 2564 and will forever remain attentive to anybody that needs him. He hopes to bring the program to life by keeping members connected through active social media and updated on important information. He believes it’s important for the troupe to keep their close ties intact and keep the passion of that “family” vibe constantly flowing. Outside of his second home, the theater, he spends his time hanging out with friends, laughing at literally everything (some might even say cackling), craving Mexican food, and breaking it down to Beyonce. He hopes that he can make everyone feel loved, appreciated, empowered, and at home here at Boca High. He can’t wait to see everyone this year and kick off the program with a breath of fresh air.