Our Officers!

These are the students elected by members to serve as officers of the Drama Club.
Here you can learn a bit about them, as well as what they would like to do for you.

Kelsey Powers

Kelsey Powers, a senior, is ecstatic to be Troupe 2564's President for the 2014-2015 school year. She has been involved in drama club, class, and every mainstage production since her freshman year, so this club is basically her family. Last year, Kelsey was the troupe's Webmaster/Sergeant at Arms, and loved being able to reach out to club members old and new as an officer. She hopes to continue that trend this year by making Drama Club even more welcoming and inclusive to new members than it already is. Kelsey's ready for a mind-blowingly incredible year of theatre– are you?

Vice President:

Grace Perotta

Grace Perrotta is your 2014/15 Vice President! She has been a part of drama club since freshman year and is incredibly honored to be an officer her final year. 2564 is truly amazing and she can't wait to see what this year brings! She's so excited to hang out with everyone, new and old. She is confident this year will be wonderful! Yay drama club! She can't wait to see all your faces during lunch on Tuesdays!

Loren Stoller

Loren Stoller is your 2014-2015 co-secretary, and is beyond excited to be honored with the position! She has been with boca drama since her first day freshman year and has since loved it with all her heart. She ran for office because she was super excited to be apart of such an amazing troupe and wanted to be sucked into it as much as possible. She hopes the troupe only improves throughout each year and knows this year everyone will not only improve, but have a blast at the same time. Loren hopes to see the troupe bloom into it's full potential this year and is so excited to give a warm welcome to all the new babies as well as the seasoned. She can't wait to see all of the love and unity the club brings and is ecstatic to welcome the newbies into the big family with open arms!

Hayley Adams

Hayley Adams is a junior at Boca High who loves Troupe 2564 with all her heart! Hayley is passionate about things such as Theatre, Film, Harry Potter, Literature and her amazingly supportive friends and family. (Go Glen!) Hayley has been a part of Troupe 2564 since her freshman year and wouldn't have it any other way. She ran for Secretary because even though things may get a little hectic in the Theatre world she wants to help everything run as smoothly as possible for everyone! Hayley has such a passion for the arts in any form and wants to spread that love and magic with the world. She hopes to expand Troupe 2564 to its fullest potential and get Drama club even more involved in that Bobcat Pride. Drama has given Hayley so much in terms of family, experiences and faith and she has no one else to thank than Troupe 2564!    

Elisa Figueras

Elisa Figueras is a senior at Boca High, and she could not be more excited to be 2564’s Drama Club Treasurer this year! Elisa has been extremely involved in 2564 since her sophomore year, and has had such a wonderful, valuable experience with the troupe. She decided to run for treasurer because of her love for math and love for the troupe. She believes that both of those will make this position sweeter than pi for her. Elisa derives a lot of joy from 2564 because of the amazing sense of camaraderie and community that it has. She hopes to fully integrate everyone, new and old, together within the troupe. The limit to Elisa’s love for this troupe does not exist. She is most of all eager to see every single person shine and take the troupe to whole new levels. 

Emily Hunsucker

Emily Hunsucker is the 2014-2015 Drama Club Historian and is so happy to be a part of this troupe. She has been involved in the program ever since her freshman year. Between being stage crew for The Man Who Came to Dinner, Anything Goes, and Much Ado About Nothing, costume crew for Murder on the Nile, and ASM for 42nd Street and The Drowsy Chaperone; drama has become such a big part of her life and high school experience. Ever since her first Saturday work day she's been hooked and is now so happy to become a bigger part of this program. She's so excited to be able to document all the wonderful moments the troupe has and to be able to work alongside so many amazing officers. Emily hopes that she can help any newcomers to feel as welcomed as she's come to feel in this troupe. With her camera ready, you'd better be prepared for some prime candid shots of our beautiful troupe!