Our Officers!

These are the students elected by members to serve as officers of the Drama Club.
Here you can learn a bit about them, as well as what they would like to do for you.

Hayley Adams

  Hayley Adams is a senior and has been an active member of troupe 2564 since her freshman year. She loves all things theatre, art, and dog related. The majority of her time is spent in the Boca High theatre or adventuring with her friends. She is immensely grateful for the amount of support her friends, and especially her father, give her everyday in pursuing her passion. She loves 2564 with all her heart and can't wait to see how much the troupe grows under the careful guidance of our wonderful new director Ms. Mapes. Hayley believes that we are a family at 2564 and wants to do everything in her power to make sure everyone feels welcome and enjoys their time in the troupe. She loves to help people and watch troupe members improve their craft so feel free to come to her with your questions or even if you just need advice. The 2015-2016 school year is definitely going to be the best one yet!

Co-Vice President:

Emily Hunsucker

  Emily Hunsucker is a senior and proud to be Co-VP with Sven Ballarte. She's been involved with drama since her freshman year and can't believe how involved she's become since then. She hopes she can make this school year a memorable one for the troupe with her new director, Ms. Mapes.
When she's not involved with drama, Emily enjoys drawing, existential crises, and reading. Her favorite food is anything pickled - even though it makes her eczema act up - and her bedroom walls are decorated in drama and fandom paraphernalia.
While she does not know what she wants to do after her 2564 adventure is over but she knows it will be extraordinary.

Co-Vice President:
Sven Ballarte

  Sven Ballarte is a currently a junior at Boca High and has been involved in this program and in every production since his freshman year. His hobbies include acting, singing, dancing, and sleeping. His favorite food is chicken, preferably fried. Sven is happy to see the troupe doing well, and he hopes that with the leadership of the officers this year the troupe will be better than ever. One of his goals this year is to make people see how AMAZING rentals are! There is nothing that he enjoys more than getting to know new friends, learning how to better serve his fellow troupe members, and finding his way through what is going to be a fantastic year. He is so excited to be an officer with such a great group of people and can't wait to see what this new school year has in store for 2564!

Madeline Gr

  Madeline Greenberg is a junior. She loves unicorns, magic, reading, and hanging out with all her troupe member friends. She is interested in making sure that everyone has a fantastic year, and that 2564 does the best it ever has. Troupe 2564 is the highlight of her life and she loves spending time with the troupe both on and offstage. As an officer she plans to make sure that everyone is easily able to have the best and most fulfilling time within the program, and she will do her best to make sure that any questions that you may have will be answered with patience and caring.  She cannot wait to help the troupe stay organized, keep the attendance on track, and make sure that this year runs smoothly.


Christina Lorenzo

  Christina (Tina) Lorenzo is a Junior and has been a part of troupe 2564 since she transferred to Boca her sophomore year. When she’s not with the troupe (a very rare occasion), Tina spends her time folding origami, making music, drinking milkshakes, and hanging out with her family. Because she is relatively new, her goal is to make every newcomer feel welcomed and help them shine in the theatre environment. She is also very friendly and dedicated to her work, so if you ever have questions or need help, please ask her! Tina loves 2564 dearly and she can’t wait to welcome new members to drama club! 


Melissa Emery

  Melissa Emery is a senior who has been proudly involved in the performing arts programs at Boca High since her Freshman year. She is so excited for what this year has to bring and can't wait to give all her heart to all of the troupe's endeavors. Mel, as we call her loves being in the theater. She loves participating in troupe events and is always around to answer questions. If she has the opportunity to be in the theater, she probably is. She hopes to share her love for the performing arts this year and to make sure she captures all the great memories that she knows will be made.


Lorein Mones

Lorein Mones a junior and has been involved in 2564 since her freshman year! Lorein has proudly been apart of every production since she has joined 2564! Besides 2564 She loves cool colored lipsticks, hanging out with her troupe friends (both in and out of the theater), listening to music, and making music. She cant wait to meet all of the new members of the troupe and is thrilled to answer any questions or give any advice. She cant wait to make this year the best yet and help any newbies catch the theater bug!

Meighan Schmidt

  Meighan Schmidt is a junior and loves theatre! She’s participated in every play, musical, and competition since her freshman year and tends to speak in musical lyrics. When she’s not memorizing lines or sewing buttons onto costumes (which isn’t very often) she enjoys reading, listening to music, and going to Disney World. She can’t wait to meet all the newbie’s and help them grow comfortable within the troupe. She’s ecstatic to be the troupe’s Webmaster/ Sergeant-at-Arms and is thrilled to answer any questions that are asked. She hopes to make this 2015-2016 school year, troupe 2564’s best year to date.