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Drama Links
  • International Thespian Society/Educational Theater Association - Information about the International Thespian Society, and its parent orginization, the Educational Theater Association. 
  • The Cappies - A program for high school theater groups which we participate in. This organization allows us to attend and review the productions of other shows, while other high school theater groups review our own shows. At the end of the school year, a Tony Awards-style gala events is held for all participants to recive their Cappies!
  • FLThespian.com - Florida Thespian site. Info for IEs and One Act competitions, as well as States.
School Links
  • Bobcat News - Boca High's school website, with links to almost any other club or department web sites.
  • Edline - Grade reports and other class information for students and parents
  • School District of Palm Beach County - Anything and everything school-related can be found here
  • School Calendar - A shortcut to the official school year calendar